Customer Comments

Chuck & Rita L.

We've been through 4 pool services before we found Bill and Chris and we finally feel like we have a winner. Great pool Service.

Leo J.

The owners clean your pool and they are always the same person here each and every week. Thorough job and pleasant to talk to.

Todd & Jason

We were honored to write a recommendation on this website, we could not be any happier. Reasonable pricing, excellent service, what more can you ask for?

Sherry & Bill

Came home to a green pool not happy. Called Englewood Pool Care to clean up the mess and my pool has never looked better. Would highly recommend.

Tom & Linda M

We have an outside pool and it is not easy to clean, but every Tuesday Bill is here to put it all back together. It is always blue and our chemicals are always in range when my husband checks.

Angie B.

When asked to write a short review I was glad to. If you are looking for someone who never misses and does the job correctly, this is your company for pool cleaning. The owner cleans my pool each week, how cool is that?